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Are you ready for the next heatwave?

It was already known that the last four years had been the warmest since recordings began in 1850.

And 2019 didn’t bend the curve, which is an indication of future temperatures, so it is advisable to be prepared for the hot weather.

Heat is a condition that affects all workspaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

In the event of excessive heat or heatwave, if labor law provides for measures guaranteeing working conditions that preserve the health of employees, without however giving a precise indication of the maximum temperatures beyond which employees must stop to work, but the INRS and the CNAMTS indicate that above 33 ° C, the risks are significant for workers (and for the company with the consequent “right of withdrawal”!).

A hot environment can slow down reaction times and create a dangerous environment that is detrimental to the proper performance of tasks. American studies indicate that employee performance drops by 18% and the number of errors increases by 40% from 29 ° C. In the workshop, in warehouses, hangars and other industrial or storage premises not equipped with air conditioning and containing areas at risk of explosions (ATEX zones), the CENTREXPERT portable cooling solution will reduce the ambient working temperature from 7 ° C to 12 ° C depending on conditions.

The evaporative cooling process (called adiabatic) is the relevant economic bio-air conditioning solution. Thus on a standard US range in partnership we offer three sizes of transportable adiabatic coolers modified and ATEX certified for Zone 1 by CENTREXPERT.

CENTREXPERT has developed with POLARCOOL a transportable evaporative cooling system and ATEX for Zone 1.

This so-called adiabatic system is effective in providing local and local cooling in areas at risk of explosions.

Constructed of high-quality stainless steel sheet metal, heavy-duty pumps and long-lasting bearings, this is the easiest and cheapest way to cool a room when the heatwave is still likely to set in this summer.

The operation is simple; plug it into a water supply, plug it into an electrical outlet and point the fan to the desired area, then turn on the device. In a matter of minutes, the fresh air produced will help improve the comfort level of employees.

- 24 “which refreshes approximately 100 M² and renews 125 M3 / min

- 36 “which refreshes approximately 280 M² and renews 280 M3 / min

- 48 “which refreshes approximately 370 M² and renews 495 M3 / min

CENTREXPERT adiabatic systems are also available as standard for use in non-hazardous areas.